Featured Mutants Model: a Mutant Family Approach to Model-Based Mutation Testing

Mutation testing is a popular technique that relies on the deliberate injection of variations of a program to assess the quality of test suites. Model-based mutation testing considers variations of the specification of a program to generate large sets of models using model transformations implementing mutation operators. Yet, assessing each test case against each mutant model individually is very time consuming, especially if we consider higher-order mutations, subject to combinatorial explosion of the number of mutants models to confront test cases to. We propose Featured Mutant Model (FMM), a modelling framework for mutation testing based on behavioural variability models (viz. featured transition systems).

Mutation Operators

The mutation operators are described in the following document: mutation.pdf

Featured Model-based Mutation Analysis : case studies


Poster accepted at ICSE 2015 may be downloaded here.

To perform mutation analysis using VIBeS, please refer to the usage descriptions.