Databases and Computing Models


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  • Description
Part III of reference [B94] has been implemented as a prototype relational database (in InterBase). Derived attributes were represented as computed columns in SQL views. The conceptual model was implemented in the DB-MAIN CASE tool, in which:
  • the declarative language of [B94] was associated to specify the computing rules of the derived attributes,
  • a plugin was developed to check and translate the rule language and to generate the DDL script creating the views.
  • Keywords
computing model, equational model, spreadsheet, spreadsheet design, spreadsheet errors, spreadsheet/database coupling
  • Resources
[B94] Jean-Luc Hainaut. Bases de données et modèles de calcul - Méthodes et outils pour l’utilisateur, InterEditions, Paris, 1994. [book description]
[TR96-01] [TR96-02] Joël Bergmann . Spécification et génération de SIAD dans l'atelier DB-MAIN - Volumes 1 et 2, Master thesis, 1996, University of Namur, 262 pages [Vol. 1 - full text] [Vol. 2 - full text]
The DB-MAIN plugin and case studies [TBA]

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