GPMachine is a PCode interpreter (see Reinard Wilhelm and Dieter Maurer, Compiler Design). It takes as input a file containing PCode and interprets it, asking interactively the user when user input is required. The only allowed input are natural numbers.

This machine is based on a previous machine by Yiti group but has largely been rewritten to perform type checking on-the-fly, thus ensuring that erroneous compiled code can be detected sooner. Some classes have been redesigned to be more "java compliant", i.e. using standard classes from J2SE 1.4 API, rather than reimplementing them from scratch. It has also a fancy Graphical User Interface (see -gui option, below) that will help students in understanding the inner workings of this machine.

The PCode syntax and semantics is deeply explained in Wilhelm and Maurer. However, we slightly modified this language, as explained here.

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