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Paper at SPLC 2012

by mcr on June 15th, 2012

Our paper entitled “Behavioural Modelling and Verification of Real-Time Software Product Line” has been accepted at the 16th International Software Product Line Conference. Here is the abstract:

In Software Product Line (SPL) engineering, software prod- ucts are build in families rather than individually. Many critical software are nowadays build as SPLs and most of them obey hard real-time requirements. Formal methods for verifying SPLs are thus crucial and actively studied. The verification problem for SPL is, however, more complicated than for individual systems; the large number of different software products multiplies the complexity of SPL model- checking. Recently, promising model-checking approaches have been developed specifically for SPLs. They leverage the commonality between the products to reduce the verification effort. However, none of them considers real time.

In this paper, we combine existing SPL verification methods with established model-checking procedures for real-time systems. We introduce Featured Timed Automata (FTA), a formalism that extends the classical Timed Automata with constructs for modelling variability. We show that FTA model-checking can be achieved through a smart combination of real-time and SPL model checking.

TheĀ camera-ready copy is available. At the moment, we do not plan to release the prototype tool described in the paper. However, we will implement its functionalities into SNIP in the near future.

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